Our 100% Recycled Cashmere Collection

Our 100% Recycled Cashmere Collection

Like so many people, we love the downy-soft feel of cashmere and although it is a natural and biodegradable fibre, it is not always sustainable or ethical and stands out as a bit of a contentious topic. 

On one hand, cashmere is a natural fibre, so unlike polyester, nylon and other synthetics, there are no issues regarding its ability to decompose, but, as with all animal-derived products, the goats used in the production of cashmere produce a carbon footprint. 

Traditionally, cashmere wool comes from goats situated in the Himalayas of Inner Mongolia, where the flock experiences temperatures of -40°C. The goats develop a quality fleece with properties to survive these rugged conditions, which ultimately translates into the garment. 

Unfortunately, global demand has caused a tidal wave of cashmere on the market, with it putting increased pressure on Mongolian farmers and the natural habitat of the goats. This has led to overbreeding of cashmere goats, a decrease in fibre quality, and the desertification of the Mongolian region. That's why we have decided to work exclusively with recycled cashmere.

In line with our desire to work with like-minded people, we have joined hands with one of the oldest, women-led, family-run factories in Nepal to produce our limited edition knits from 100% Recycled Cashmere; made from post-consumer knitwear to produce the same softness of virgin cashmere but at a fraction of the environmental impact that marries genuine sustainability with a luxurious hand-feel and circularity. 

Our very first and very limited Cashmere Collection features three timeless, neutrals in a luxuriously soft oversized roll-neck sweater and scarf or travel wrap. 

You can shop our new collection online now.