Cloth & Co. is a contemporary fashion brand, founded with a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the people who make our products with a focus on empowering women.

Care is at the heart of what we do. We care about the people, we care about the planet, we care about what the future holds and we also care about being passionate and active citizens. We are committed to producing thoughtfully designed collections that have a positive impact, both social and environmental. It is our mission to do what we do with a sense of purpose. 

We are passionate about making a difference and partner with women’s cooperatives, artisan communities and small ethical factories where people are treated with respect, working in dignified conditions and all stages in the production process are independently certified from farm to stitch. Our products are timeless and designed to last. We believe one of the greatest impacts we can have is to ensure you can wear our pieces for years not weeks. We source the highest quality materials that are 100% natural, our cotton is sourced from organic and regenerative farms and all of our pieces are biodegradable so that in the end, it can be recycled, repurposed or decomposed.

One of our greatest loves is working at grass roots level with women’s cooperatives and seeing these women thrive and we love the handloom process and the extraordinary skills of our artisans. We are passionate about what we do and we want to share our stories from field to stitch and beyond. 


Cloth & Co. was founded by mother Caroline and daughter Daisy through the shared passion and commitment for positive environmental and social change. 

In 2007 Caroline shared her love of India with Daisy working with women in villages outside Jaipur on a block-printing project designed to empower and create long-term livelihood opportunities; enhancing skills and giving guidance on creating marketable products could fundamentally change lives.

In 2014, Cloth & Co. was founded. Through their experiences - Caroline, the creative mind behind the brand and Daisy, a graduate of a Masters of International Business, were inspired to apply their skills to a business that would combine working in the communities and making a positive impact with sustainably sourced natural materials, where everything that was created would have a purpose and people could thrive.


Natural fibres are at the very foundation of Cloth & Co. garments with 100% organic cotton, linen, hemp and recycled cashmere our fibres of choice. This along with partnering with like-minded people for all of our production, where everything produced provides dignified employment, a living wage and benefits to support women and their children’s health and education.  

With the world in a state of climate crisis ‘sustainable’ is no longer the answer and regeneration and protection of biodiversity is a necessary approach. Every step of the way from the farm to the factory and into our wardrobes, Cloth & Co. is working towards a better future.