Extend Your Clothing's Life

Extend Your Clothing's Life

A guide to caring for your most loved pieces

Extending the life of your clothing is important. It not only reduces your consumption of new clothing but it gives you the opportunity to re-use, recycle or re-sell your garments. It is a kinder way to protect our planet and very simple to incorporate into your daily regime. 

Ensure you hang your clothes in the air after wearing them to encourage natural detoxification. This can help to reduce the amount of washing which positively impacts the fibres of your garments as well as a reduction in water consumption and energy! 

Secondly, wash in cold water. This protects the fibres within your garment from loosing shape and feel. It also reduces the environmental impact of increased energy consumption of using hot water. 

Lastly, iron everything. Ironing can give your garments new life and also help you notice and appreciate the workmanship. It is also very meditative. We encourage you to put on your favourite song, show or movie and get ironing!

Cloth & Co. x