Winter Yarns

Winter Yarns

As the cooler weather settles in, we start to think about our winter wardrobe. If you’re like us, the biggest challenge is finding items that keep you warm, won’t compromise your ethics and most importantly aren’t laced with synthetics. That’s why all of our winter pieces at Cloth & Co are made with environmentally friendly natural fibres, including some of the most luxurious natural wools sourced from the mountain regions across Ladakh, Tibet, Mongolia and Nepal as well as our beautiful home grown Australian Merino wool.

Our gorgeous winter throws and scarves are produced by a small social enterprise in Nepal with the mission of supporting the local women, preserving the traditional techniques of hand spinning and hand weaving, as well as delivering a truly beautiful product for our customers.

Photography by Tony Warrall, UK.


Our luxurious cashmere is sourced from nomadic communities found in the cold, arid region surrounding Ladakh in Kashmir, India. The Changthangi goat serves as a fixture in the community and is mainly bread for its luxuriously fine cashmere. This cashmere is amongst the finest cashmere in the world, with an incredibly soft finish as a result of the delicate fibres. Our gorgeous hand spun cashmere linen scarves are a unique combination of fine Belgium linen and hand spun cashmere that is beautifully soft with the texture and quality we love about both linen and cashmere.

With limited availability, our absolutely gorgeous Yak and Camel hair is sourced through nomadic herders who comb or harvest the fibre as it sheds in the spring months and is then cleaned and sold through a cooperative set up. This provides the nomadic herders with a sustainable income whilst they continue to live in their traditional ways. Our Yak and Camel throws and blankets are hand spun and hand loomed heirloom pieces produced by our weaving centre in Lalitpur Village, Nepal. 

In purchasing our products, you are helping to support these inspiring communities to prosper while retaining their cultural values and traditions. Each purchase contributes to a more sustainable world, where we can revolutionise the textile and apparel industries, so thank you!

With love, 

Cloth & Co.