Education is the most powerful tool, because it is the foundation to being able to bring about change. The world of fast fashion has driven some incredible authors and activists to write about everything behind the glossy magazine covers and window displays. Inspired by the authors and change makers, we have pulled together a list of the books we think should kick start anyone’s education on the issues of mass consumerism, fast fashion and our insatiable need for more. Hopefully we can inspire your next read or book club discussion!


‘To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?’ – Lucy Siegle 

Lucy Siegle approached this book with an incredible amount of research, and her journalistic style adds to this chilling expose of high street fashion. This book uncovers the reality behind the fibres we buy, child labour, animal farming and more. Siegle’s exposé is both confronting and edifying. It shows the environmental devastation and social cost of current practices, reminding us the true cost of fast fashion, “Someone, somewhere is paying”. Maintaining a solutions-focused approach, Siegle promotes the prospect of being fashionable and sophisticated without compromising your own ethics.


‘Wardrobe Crisis’ – Clare Press

A fashion journalists deep and densely detailed introduction to the darker side of fashion. This book is an attempt to make sense of the moral dilemmas behind the modern fast fashion industry. Wardrobe Crisis is a perfectly curated balance of engaging story telling and formidable facts. Press leaves you with the knowledge and power to instigate change through your purchasing habits. To add to this absolute must read, Clare Press also has a podcast of the same name; tune in weekly to Wardrobe Crisis on Apple Podcasts.


‘Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion’ – Elizabeth L. Cline 

This book is the perfect introduction into the world of ethical fashion! Elizabeth Cline explores the true nature of cheap fashion and the social and environmental cost it entails. She examines a range of international fashion practices, examining cheap-chic factories and the flow-on effects of their cheap production methods. This book helps consumers to understand societal obsession with fast fashion and cheap deals and steals, ultimately shaping a more informed modern consumer.


‘Naked Fashion: The New Sustainable Fashion Revolution’ – Safia Minney

Penned by the founder and CEO of Fair Trade and sustainable fashion label People Tree, this book explores the world of sustainable fashion, covering a range of ideas from supply chain issues, ethical brands, vintage fashion and the Fair Trade movement. Not only is this read informative, but it also boasts an array of sustainable fashion influencer co-writers and contributors, including Livia Firth, Lucy Siegle, Emma Watson, Vivienne Westwood and more! With images from designers and individuals leading the new fashion revolution, this book is a must-have for any conscious consumer. 


Although not a book per say…


‘Loved Clothes Last’ – Fashion Revolution

Loved Clothes Last

This is your go to guide and bi-annual fanzine for issues including textile waste and mass consumption. With lots of infographics, photography and illustrations, you will be well equipped to make the clothes you love last longer, it will inspire you to buy less and care more. Spread the word, take action and access an abundance of resources by joining the Fashion Revolution. Love a good podcast? Head over to Apple Podcasts for the three part podcast series: Who Made My Clothes?


It is so important that we all understand the impact of the purchases we make. We as consumers have the power to make informed, conscious decisions and work mindfully with others to support the environment and the people we share our planet with. If we all make small changes, we can make a big difference!

With love,

Cloth & Co.