The Craftsmanship of our Hand-loomed Linen Collection

The Craftsmanship of our Hand-loomed Linen Collection

Working with organisations like the ones who make our beautiful linen clothing is critical for us to create a positive, more transparent, sustainable way to improve the lives of garment workers and improve our environmental footprint in the fashion industry.

Our linen collection includes an addition of timeless favourites that not only will you love to wear, it also ensures we can provide continuity in employment to our partners in India.

We’re so excited to launch this collection ‘slowly’ as each of our garments is handmade, from the beautiful quality European flax that has been hand loomed to the final stitch with the highest level of craftsmanship. Our tailors (90% of them are women) take pride in their work with so much attention to detail, every garment is tailored with “french seams” throughout so there are no raw edges, giving a beautiful clean finish that will also ensure you will get years of wear out of your garments. 

Hand-loomed Linen Collection by Cloth & Co.

Our beautiful quality linen is hand-woven in Tamil Nadu by an organisation that was founded as a social enterprise in 2013 to promote the Indian textile heritage and uplift the lives of the weaving community in Chennimalai (South India). Weavers are employed year round, with fair wages for all employees. They work in a weaver's studio which is completely clutter free, with looms that have been modified to ensure they are ergonomically suitable for the weavers to work in comfortable conditions with a new well ventilated and lit workspace.

Our initial garment sampling and pattern making is carried out by an organisation called MasterG - a year-long skills training programme founded by Delhi designer Gayatri Jolly. It trains women in advanced skills like pattern making, technical design, design research, fabric cutting and sewing, which is traditionally learnt mostly by men.

“At MasterG, women not only learn the skills that will help them grow higher in an organisation, but also let's them start imagining themselves in the position of authority in the industry,” says Gayatri.

While a traditional masterji is synonymous with a male tailor, at Master G women were omni-present in every role. From taking measurements to cutting and stitching clothes, the unit is filled with women of all age groups. The garment industry has predominantly been male-centric. As a result, important jobs like pattern making or fabric cutting are mostly done by men, while women do low-skill jobs such as cutting threads or attaching buttons at the end of the production line.

Hand-loomed Linen Collection by Cloth & Co.

We have loved partnering with these women and providing them with the employment they need to sustain and provide for their families. 

We hope when you wear your Cloth & Co. linen garment, you feel can feel the love and know that you are contributing to the lives of these women and a slow fashion movement.

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