A Star For Freedom

A Star For Freedom


Supporting and empowering marginalised women in communities across India is one of our core business principles, and is why we do what we do. For several years, we have partnered with SEWA Shram Shakti Foundation which was founded to support victims of human trafficking & domestic violence, mainly women and children. They provide a safe environment for these victims to live, training for them to learn new skills, and work in ongoing and dignified employment.  

As a symbol of what this means to us, and as a representation of their freedom, they have helped us develop beautiful, handmade star decorations, with offcuts of our hand loomed linen. This December, we will be giving one away for free with every purchase, in the lead up to Christmas. Each star not only signifies the freedom of these brave women, but are a true reflection of how important supporting those in need and giving back is, over the Christmas period. 


Sex trafficking is a $99 billion dollar per year industry

50% of those victims are estimated to be children

70% of the victims of human trafficking are women and girls

A Star For Freedom

Getting rescued from human trafficking is only the first step. With no skills or way of sustaining themselves, many survivors are at high risk of being re-trafficked. This year especially, abuse has escalated, with survivors living in extended family situations, as their income was ceased due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The SEWA Shram Shakti Foundation is an NGO that bridges the gap between enslavement and a free and independent life. This centre is for survivors of sex trafficking and provides them with the skills, accountability, discipline and support to become a productive member of society.

The unfortunate nature of human sex trafficking in India is ongoing and recognition of this issue has really opened our eyes to the reality of human rights, and how important having a voice and platform to act is. 

As always, we thank you for your support and hope that this is a small reminder of what it truly means to be free and how your purchase helped contribute to these women's lives.


Cloth & Co. xx