Empowering Women - A Star for Freedom

Empowering Women - A Star for Freedom

A Special Gift for You

Women’s empowerment is one of our core principles and working with social enterprises, NGO’s and women’s Self Help Groups is an important part of our business. Our continued partnership with SEWA Shram Shakti Foundation aims to not only empower but support marginalised women in communities across India. We feel privileged and inspired working with these resilient women who have been subjected to human trafficking and domestic violence. 

As a representation of their freedom we are working together on these beautiful handmade stars using offcuts from our hand loomed linen. Each star not only signifies the new found freedom of these brave women, but are a true reflection of how important supporting those in need and giving back to the community is to all of us at Cloth & Co.

As a gift to you this Christmas we will be giving you one star with every purchase in December.

The SEWA Shram Shakti Foundation is an NGO that bridges the gap between enslavement and a free and independent life. This centre is for survivors of sex trafficking and provides them with the skills, accountability, discipline and support to become a productive member of society.

The unfortunate nature of human sex trafficking in India is ongoing and recognition of this issue has really opened our eyes to the reality of human rights, and how important having a voice and platform to act is. 

As always, we thank you for your support and hope that this is a small reminder of what it truly means to be free and how your purchase helped contribute to empower these women’s lives. 


Cloth & Co. xx