We continually research new fibres and ways that Cloth & Co. can use our business platform and product to reduce our negative impact and create a better tomorrow. Our latest collection has been produced using indigenous hemp fibre from the Himalayas in India. Not only is this one of the most environmentally friendly fibres, the production of hemp is also a key contributor to the economy of local communities, providing employment to the village women. 

Hemp is one of the most sustainable fibres in the world. It is organically cultivated, carbon-neutral, water-saving and UV resistant. 

Hemp has numerous environmental benefits that promote sustainability. The hemp plant almost eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It requires less water than most fibre crops. Due to its resiliency, it has also been flagged as a natural way to clean up soil pollution. Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide through natural photosynthesis, making it a carbon-negative crop. 

Hemp is widely available in India, and can be transformed into livelihood opportunities for locals like farmers and artisans in Uttarakhand, where the crop grows indigenously. 


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