Threads of Spring: The Traditional Weaves of Andhra Pradesh

Threads of Spring: The Traditional Weaves of Andhra Pradesh

In celebration of Vogue Fashion Night Out and Fashion Week, our wonderful Cloth & Co. team have pulled together a fashion and floral installation at St Collins Lane in the heart of the beautiful Melbourne CBD.

Vogue Fashion Night Out - St Collins Lane

Threads of Spring: The Traditional Weaves of Andhra Pradesh is a fashion and floral installation that reflects the journey of hand loom from the weavers to the runway.

Handloom weavers are the single largest group of artisans in India, which has one of the richest traditions and variety of this craft. Each region has its own particular style of weaving using traditional designs and motifs – every weave no matter how small or ordinary has its own distinctive character. 

Cloth & Co. sources hand-loomed textiles from traditional artisans across India.  We focus on high quality, organic and natural fibres; bringing the beauty of hand woven fabrics to our collections.

Our aim is to promote and revive this luxurious craft through contemporary fashion & homewares; enriching the lives of the skilled craftspeople & communities who practice it.

By promoting hand loomed, natural fibres and the traditional artisan techniques we strive for ethical practice and positive change, reducing the environmental, ethical and social impact of the fast fashion industry. 

Our incredible dress was made by our very talented Grace Richards, utilising a beautiful hand loomed ikat fabric.

Ikat Warp, Hand Loomed

Ikat is an age old dyeing technique that employs resist dyeing on the yarns prior to weaving. We have engaged our artisans on this project to create a bold statement for the preservation of hand craft, and the appreciation of artisan skills as part of Vogue Fashion Night Out.

Ikat on the loom

Our beautiful dress appears to be naturally evolving from the warp from which is was woven, while a trail of Australian native Paper Daisies are left in her wake.

Vogue Fashion Night Out - St Collins Lane Melbourne

The incredible floral head piece was the creation of our lovely in house florist Jennifer Pridham, creating an ethereal and goddess like vision of the Collins Street entrance of St Collins Lane.

A big thank you to our incredible installation team! (from left to right) Jennifer Pridham, Caroline Poiner, Daisy Poiner & Grace Richards.