The Positive Environmental Impacts of Working from Home

The Positive Environmental Impacts of Working from Home

Photo by Emilie Ristevski @helloemilie

Firstly we wanted to thank you for all your support, we are so grateful for the number of people who have continued to order online and help us through this period. We understand and empathise with the stress COVID-19 has had on everyone, but on the positive side we can see light and optimism in the incredible impact this has had on our environment; and hopefully it has paved the way for a more sustainable future.

Reducing Our Carbon Emissions

A snapshot of how things have changed:
  • For the first time in 30 years, residents of Northern India are able to see the magnificent Himalayas which are normally obscured by pollution.
  • Emissions in Los Angeles have dropped by 31% 
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) concentrations fell by 54% in Paris, compared with the same period in 2019.

These are just a few of the amazing transformations...For more information on how the Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted Climate Change visit Active Sustainability.

With the most extensive travel restrictions we have ever seen, there has been a large reduction in carbon emissions.

Largely reduced travel, industry and factory use have contributed to these reductions and benefited the environment greatly.

At Cloth & Co. we are continually looking at the impact we have and as such we have partnered with Offset Earth to reduce Co2 emissions. This month we have removed 1.4t of Co2 with newly installed solar energy in Northern India and also 0.58t removed in Thailands biggest landfill sight. Our goal is to become a carbon positive company!

Responsible Purchasing

Despite the initial panic buying, we have noticed the focus on conscious purchasing; we became more educated and started to understand the importance of buying locally, supporting small businesses and brands that are doing good!

This push towards responsible purchasing has been a welcome side effect in such uncertain times and for smaller, local brands it has been essential for our survival.

We founded Cloth & Co. on the principle of #madeforgood, better for people and planet. We provide dignified employment and empowerment to our women artisans through creating the best quality everyday basics. We source the highest quality materials that are 100% natural, our cotton is sourced from organic and regenerative farms, and all of our pieces are biodegradable so that in the end they can be recycled, repurposed or decomposed, and we think that's pretty good!


Managing Our Waste

Working from home has encouraged us to access digital options both in communication with zoom meetings and document reviews and signatures which has largely reduced harmful waste materials that are used in excess within an office, such as printing toners, paper, sticky notes and plastics.

It has also given us the opportunity to focus on recycling, avoiding single use items and even home composting.

With the help of our friends at Better Packaging, we are able to ensure that all of our parcels are sent in home compostable satchels, which has been an amazing breakthrough and fantastic for online businesses. We want to ensure that we are continually reducing our impact on the environment.


When you purchase from Cloth & Co. you are investing in a beautiful quality product, made from 100% natural materials that supports the livelihoods of our communities, has a completely offset carbon footprint and is packaged in a mailer that you can breakdown in your own home compost!

We hope the positives keep coming! 

Thank you so much for your continuous support!


Cloth & Co. x