Supporting The Peoli Women

Supporting The Peoli Women

We have partnered with the Peoli Design women based on their conscious effort towards conservation of natural resources and leaving a light carbon footprint in the process. The traditional skills and commitment to the sustainable development and environmentally conscious process of their craftsmanship is truly inspiring. Our recently launched knit collection was made entirely by hand by these women and with each purchase, we are able to support these women with continued employment. 

Sadly, the wonderful women artisans in Almora have been hit with a second wave of COVID. With meagre savings, limited information and access to healthcare, it breaks our heart to see women artisans of the region struggle now to bring in money and put food onto their family’s plate. 

To help play our part, we will be donating 10% of all hand knit sales back to the wonderful Peoli women to provide them with the necessary medical supplies and wage loss incurred during this time. 



They are a social enterprise based in Almora, a town in the Southern Edge of the Kumaon foothills of the Himalayas. 

Peoli focuses on the livelihoods of women artisans within this area and trains these women to develop indigenous textile crafts. These women are provided with the independence to work at home whilst managing their families and are kept safe with the development of local craft traditions that utilise eco-friendly methods such as solar heating, rain water harvesting and manual skills. 


They provide employment opportunities to this macro population in hill villages in Uttarakhand, India. The unfortunate reality of depleting natural resources due to a lack of basic amenities have meant challenges for the locals in Uttarakhand, and there's a growing need for income sources to sustain themselves and their families.

The Peoli Design Organisation enables the development of traditional crafts: "[we] give ample opportunity for women to sustain their families by practicing skills, which are nascent to them. We work with a combination of salaried women and decentralised artisans on a contractual basis." - Peoli Design.


Peoli Design have created a fundraiser to combat the effects of COVID-19 for their women artisans. With over 50 women under their artisan program, this fundraiser will help to; 

1. Combat wage loss
2. Distribute healthcare products such as; masks, gloves, sanitiser and footwear to enable these women to continue working. 


The women of Peoli Design need our help and support now more than ever. We at Cloth & Co. will donate 10% of all our hand knit sales to the 'Supporting Artisans In Almora During This Unprecedented COVID Wave' fundraiser to raise the much needed funds for medical necessities and continued employment. 

We would love for you to shop our knitwear collection to help support the Peoli Women artisans in Almora, Uttarakhand India. 

Cloth & Co. x