Getting To Know Our Stockists: NALA + WILD

Getting To Know Our Stockists: NALA + WILD

Introducing Clare Foley, Owner of Nala + Wild

At Cloth & Co. we love to connect with like-minded people from all over the world that showcase it as the luxury, sustainable, and empowering brand it is. We truly value and continually work with our stockists to achieve a strong, consistent relationship and to deliver you with a quality, timeless product and shopping experience.

We were so grateful to speak with the beautiful Owner of Nala + Wild, Clare Foley, and learn about the inspiration behind her business and her top picks for her local area, Picton, NSW. 

What inspired you to start your own business?

I’ve always known I wanted my own business, but was always at a crossroads as to what it would be. NALA + WILD began whilst I was travelling through Bali at the
beginning of 2020 (before COVID hit). Bali is such a huge inspiration to me and a
place I hold very close to my heart. It’s crazy to think it all began with our own line
of Linen bags and now we have a beautiful store which we are so proud to stock
the most gorgeous Australian brands.

How did you approach the overall aesthetic of your shop?

I love light bright spaces, so it was only fitting to be able to create a space where I
wanted to be everyday and also a space where our customers would feel calm,
refreshed and at ease. As I started as a small home business, I wanted to be able to give brands the exposure they deserve in a beautiful space.

How has sustainability influenced your decisions on which brands you include in your shop? What brands do you include?

It’s so empowering when you come across brands that have a story and that are
doing good for our people and environment. I’ve really focused on discovering
beautiful brands that are passionate about creating beautiful pieces but also doing
good. A few brands we stock in-store that we adore and are really focused on
sustainability are Cloth & Co., Peggy Sue, The Bare Road. 

Have you noticed any shift in consumer behaviour towards more sustainable and ethical purchasing?

Definitely. It’s been such a humbling experience for us to see how much our customers are really focused on purchasing from small business’ and really supporting Australian owned business’ as well as understanding the cost of quality piece. 

What are your go-to cafes and restaurants in the area?

We have some really beautiful and unique cafes in our little town. We really love Moses Barnes for the atmosphere and coffee. Picton Social also does amazing coffee have a great menu, and if you love sweets La Crema Café have the most delicious cakes and pastries. 

What are your favourite things to do in your local area?

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in our little town since I was young and one of
my favourite things to do is to spend time in Botanical Gardens – we absolutely
love to set up a picnic rug and enjoy the afternoons. 

What are the best-hidden secrets that you would share with any visitors coming to your local area?

The people are so lovely and friendly and you will feel like your in a little country
town. Pop down to the George IV Inn for some live music over the weekends.

Lastly, what is your go-to Cloth & Co. outfit? 

I'll say the Fleece Track and Sweat in Squid Ink as I'm currently living in it. 

You can find NALA + WILD:
In Store 1/63 Argyle Street, Picton, New South Wales 
On Instagram - @nala.wild 
Website -