Introducing Riise Shop

Introducing Riise Shop

Riise is a premium edit of the environmentally responsible fashion, lifestyle, homeware and beauty products empowering us to select the best option for ourselves and the planet”.

We feel so honoured to announce our new partnership with like-minded sustainable marketplace, Riise Shop. We spoke with Riise owner Elizabeth Roberts to learn more about her business venture and commitment to changing the climate change narrative through fashion. We hope you enjoy! 

Firstly, we would love to know what led to the creation of RIISE Shop?

RIISE Shop is an extension of RIISE, an editorial platform that showcases beautiful brands backed by affirmative environmental action. We believe that climate change is an economic problem and therefore needs an economic solution – and that the way we spend our money can change the world. RIISE Shop was a logical next step in our mission of driving dollars towards those with impact embedded in their bottom line. In taking a pro-consumer stance and giving people the option to buy products that are better for them and better for the planet, we’ll lead a seismic shift in consumption and create real results for climate change. 

We value your stance on recognising climate change is an economic issue. We would love to know more about this and how your values shape your curation of brands.

We can no longer rely on incremental change when looking at climate change. It requires action now. We believe shifting where and what consumers buy is the answer, that it will pick up where politics and public policy has left off. We know that Gen Z and millennials vote with their dollar, and that they yield billions of dollars worth of global spending power. Imagine if the majority of that money went to brands working to minimise their footprint, rather than those who exacerbate it. The world would look very different. An unwavering commitment to transparency and sustainability is at the heart of everything at RIISE Shop. That’s why every single item featured on RIISE Shop has been rigorously vetted against our Climate Credentials framework, which holds us and the brands we champion accountable. This comprehensive assessment evaluates each product across all stages of the supply chain, ensuring it meets one or more of ten criteria ascertaining its environmental merit. This ensures we are proud to stand behind each product featured on RIISE Shop.

In a world where fast fashion and overconsumption rates are incredibly high, where do you see the future of fashion going and what changes do you think are needed to achieve climate justice and conscious consumerism in the long term?

We take an optimistic view about the future. There’s never been more incredible impact-driven brands to choose from and as consumers we have so much knowledge at our fingertips to help us make better purchase decisions in our day-to-day lives.

We think that the future of fashion will pivot to new and innovative business models, such as rental and resale platforms, which both extend the life cycle of garments and keep existing items in circulation for longer. Fashion brands, big and small, will need to become increasingly transparent in order to keep up with consumer demands. People want to know where their garment was made, who made it, what it’s made from. We’re seeing so many fashion labels adopt more sustainable practices already to combat waste, whether it’s working with natural fibres that decompose after use or releasing small capsule drops rather than excessive seasonal collections. This will set a new benchmark for big businesses and fast fashion retailers to follow suit. In order to maintain relevance in a resource-constrained world, these faceless conglomerates are going to have to become much more accountable.

As a responsible business whose aim is to create a better future for both people and planet, where would you like to see RIISE Shop by 2030?

It’s exciting to imagine where RIISE Shop will be by 2030! We hope that RIISE Shop will become the number one global destination for sustainable style. We want to rebrand climate change by providing solutions that are attractive, achievable and accessible. In the short term, we’ll be launching made-to-measure services and rental options. We’ll be doing more in-person events, like pop-up shops and panels. We’re expanding our brand partners and product curation at a rapid pace, so expect to see even more new arrivals soon.

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