Getting to know our Stockists - The Hunted

Getting to know our Stockists - The Hunted

Meet Louise King, Founder of The Hunted

At Cloth & Co. we love to connect with like-minded people from all over the world that showcase Cloth & Co. as the luxury, sustainable, and empowering brand it is. We truly value and continually work with our stockists to achieve a strong and consistent relationship and to deliver to you a timeless product and experience.

Louise King established The Hunted in 2013 as a platform to showcase Australian and New Zealand designers as well as her own brands Arlington MILNE and ELMS+KING. The Hunted is a colourful one-stop-shop that showcases goodness across all lifestyles, fashion, and home. With stores located in Cammeray and Lane Cove, The Hunted is also online. 

What inspired you to start your own business?

Both my parents owned their own business, so it was always something I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure what! I also had children and wanted the flexibility of working around them. Oh, and I love handbags! (hence our first brand Arlington MILNE).
We launched Arlington MILNE in August 2010, ELMS+KING in 2012 and then opened our first retail store The Hunted Co. in 2013 and the second Hunted Store in 2015.

How did you approach the overall aesthetic of your shop?

I really wanted it to be colourful, aesthetically appealing and a calm place to come, browse and be part of our community.

How has sustainability influenced your decisions on which brands you include in your shop? What brands do you include?

We only stock Australian and New Zealand designed products, and with this ethos, we were organically drawn to brands that have a story. Most brands that have a story also have a conscience. Most work in small runs, are ethically made and sourced, partner with artisans in Australia or abroad. We obviously stock our brands Arlington MILNE and ELMS+KING - all small-manufacturing working with a boutique family run operation in China. We also work with an Aussie Vietnamese who grew up in Australia but went back to Vietnam to start a business so he could train and employ family members who were out of work, so a lot of our manufacturers have a great story too! We also stock the likes of Bonnie & Neil, Ponyrider, Sage & Clare, Alessandra Cashmere, Binny, Salus, Nina Bailey… The list goes on!

Have you noticed any shift in consumer behaviour towards more sustainable and ethical purchasing?

I do believe people like to buy into a brand story and they are interested in the sustainable and ethical purchasing within the price comfort zone. I think some people like the idea of Australian made, ethical purchasing but some won't pay what it costs for this type of purchase, or they think it is expensive. Most of our customers are pretty switched on and are more than happy to support our brands and their WHY.

What are your go-to cafes and restaurants in the area?<

Ooh there are lots... In Cammeray: Miller St Kitchen, Maggio Café & Bakery (amazing bread!), Laneway Café, Amicci...

What are your favourite things to do in Cammeray? 

I love Cammeray Square where our store is. You have everything you need there – a great butcher, Harris Farm, cafes, chemist, hairdressers. It has a great vibe on the weekend. You will often find me there shopping or having a coffee, otherwise you will find me with our dogs at Tunks Park or on one of the many bushwalks in the area.

What are the best-hidden secrets that you would share with any visitors coming to Cammeray?

I would have to say Maggios Bakery – I think I send everyone there!

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