Empowering Women Through Craftsmanship

Empowering Women Through Craftsmanship

“Investing in women and girls is one of the surest ways to reach our sustainable development goals. When women are equipped with technical skills they can rise above the poverty lines in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.”
— Dorcas, founder ASIGE

Cloth & Co. has collaborated with the women at ASIGE in Ghana to produce these beautiful hand crafted baskets made with locally grown elephant grass, which is indigenous to the region. Working in communities where women are provided with skills development and support with women’s health, education and financial independence is central to our core beliefs as a brand. 

Advocacy for Social Inclusion and Girls Education (ASIGE) is a social enterprise with the vision of creating skills-based training centres and sustainable livelihood initiatives for women and young people in Ghana. Founded by Dorcas Asige Apoore, ASIGE reaches 429+ women in different communities in Ghana through a range of initiatives such as providing sexual health education, sanitary products, and sustainable vocational training.

Our hope is that these beautiful handcrafted baskets will be the future of environmentally friendly products, employment of rural women, and provision of economic and financial independence for women in rural Ghana, giving access to quality education for girls in Ghana and beyond.

We hope you love them as much as we do! 
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