Womens Empowerment

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. 
- Kofi Annan, 7th UN Secretary General

With over 70% of our artisans being women, their empowerment is at the heart of what we do. We have a close knit team of like minded people in Sydney Australia and our equally passionate team member based in New Delhi, who helps keep the flow of communication with all of our artisan groups across India. 

We spend time with each of our artisan communities, getting to know the people and understand the cultural context, environment and individual circumstances that impact their day to day lives. 

We get just as excited to see them, as they do us; it really is a wonderful opportunity and we hope that everyone who connects with us at Cloth & Co. can experience a little part of this incredible connection with the people behind what we do. 

Education increases ‘people’s self-confidence and enables them to find better jobs, make demands on government for health care, social security and other entitlements. In particular, education empowers women to make choices that improve their own and their children’s health and chances of survival. Further, education empowers women to make choices that improve their welfare, including marrying later and having fewer children. Crucially, education also increases women’s awareness of their human rights and their confidence to assert those rights.

We believe that Women’s Empowerment and gender equality is a basic human right and is a key priority for Cloth & Co. We see it as our responsibility to work closely with the people on the ground to understand their circumstances and help them build viable businesses that can sustain the individual worker, their families and communities.

Apart from our efforts to ensure continual work through the production of our beautiful collections, we also look to support skills development programs & knowledge sharing, facility upgrades and provide the resources to ensure the quality & desirability of the product and the highest standard of production.

Each of the groups we work with have their unique challenges, we look to ways that we can support their businesses in a way that will create a lasting impact. Cloth & Co. sources over 70% of our products from Women’s Cooperatives, Fair Trade businesses and Self Help Groups across India and Nepal.