Trade not Aid

Cloth & Co. believes that while International aid has played a significant role in developing countries, no amount of money contributed to these communities will alleviate poverty in the long term, whereas having a strategy for poverty alleviation through capacity development and the skills to create high quality, marketable product for the local and international market is a much more sustainable solution.

Handouts from the rich nations too often fill the pockets of dictators rather than the bellies of the starving. 
- James Shikwati

We work with women’s Self Help Groups and cooperatives building long term partnerships to ensure a secure and sustainable income so they can plan their future. Our partners in India work on the basis of (WFTO) Fair Trade Principles ensuring all of our women are not only paid fairly but are also provided with community support, skills development and a happy, healthy work environment. Our aim is for the majority of our women to have the option to work from their homes with all the necessary support available if required. 

Through Artisans of Fashion we are assisting in capacity and skills development where needed, especially for marginalised women which allows them to grow in confidence, empowering them to change their lives and the future of their children. Our artisans are acknowledged and respected for their skills and contribution to the creation of the product, it goes beyond making money and becomes a matter of self worth and pride in the work they are doing.