Ethically Made

India has an artisanal textile tradition that can be traced back to the third century, and which has inspired much of the way fabrics are woven, dyed and decorated today. 

We learn from the artisans what the possibilities are and the artisans learn about contemporary design aesthetics and what’s marketable - that’s a really beautiful exchange of ideas and skills.

Cloth & Co. partners with artisan communities with the aim to create sustainable outcomes; with a specific focus on empowering women and marginalised communities with little access to alternative sources of income.

In India there are over 600,000 cooperatives with 240 million members where producers are trapped in exploitative cycles of poverty. 

Our mission is to work with communities at grass root level to create high quality, hand crafted product with an international appeal.

Through these partnerships we aim to help preserve traditional craft skills, bring consistent work and fair wages to communities allowing the artisans to become financially independent and live their lives with dignity. 

You may pay a premium but there’s a whole story behind the product and you’re supporting a community – it’s a positive message for brands to put out there which will also educate the consumer.

Supporting Artisans is part of our commitment to the key principles of ethical production methods; the preservation of traditional craft skills, being authentic, ensuring a positive impact on people and our environment.

We are so inspired by our artisans and we want our customers to be inspired by the courage and enterprise of the people we work with. Every piece we produce tells a story, with each thread connecting us to the cultural heritage of the technique as well as the individual craftsperson.

To read Cloth & Co.'s Standard for Working with Artisans here.