Our woven collection is produced in limited quantities by our stitching unit in New Delhi. Cloth & Co. have partnered with Sewa Shakti and Women Fibre to Fashion, organisations dedicated to the holistic rehabilitation of women and girls who have been rescued from human trafficking and sexual violence. Since 2017, Sewa has trained over 300 survivors at their skills development centre in Okhla Delhi and Women Fibre to Fashion has formed a safe and secure work environment where women can be gainfully employed and develop life-long, workplace skills.

The philosophy at Sewa Shakti is to give agency and opportunity. Women are given access to education, counselling and rehabilitation, as we hold space for survivors to heal and grow into the best versions of themselves. A core principle of the company is to ensure the women can decide the work that they are interested in and advance their skills accordingly. This opportunity is paired with the training necessary to give women financial independence and self-empowerment as they are taught financial literacy, income generation, bargaining capacity as well as basic health management and women’s hygiene.

Cloth & Co. has partnered with the team at Sewa Shakti and the stitching unit Women Fibre to Fashion with the belief that everyone should be able to provide for their families and move out of poverty into a more prosperous life with meaningful employment and access to a fair wage. 

Our primary goal is to support vulnerable women and unite communities under the umbrella principle that basic needs are human rights, and that all people should have equal opportunities to have these needs met.


Made in partnership with Women Fibre To Fashion.