Like so many people, we love the feel of cashmere and although it is a natural and biodegradable fibre, it is not always sustainable or ethical. 

With these considerations, we have found a small family run business in Nepal producing knits from recycled cashmere, made from post-consumer fibres, that marries genuine sustainability with a luxurious hand-feel and circularity. 

Many recycled cashmere yarns are produced from shredded fibres and then blended with virgin cashmere for strength. Our cashmere sweaters are knitted using 100% recycled yarn simply from unravelled, unused, extra or defected knitwear, resulting in the same quality of garment as with virgin cashmere, but a much smaller carbon footprint, water footprint, and environmental footprint overall. 

Our factory is one of the oldest in Nepal which was established 40 years ago with workers who are 80% women and from the local community. It is one of the very few women-led factories in Nepal. With a foundation of handloom and craftsmanship, our factory aims to finish as many processes as possible by hand. 


Made with love in Nepal.