Our handspun indigenous organic cotton yarn used for our beautiful hand knits is a collaboration between farmers and hand spinners strengthening the rights of rurally located women. Kala cotton is indigenous to the region Kutch located on the West Coast of India. The farmers do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Kala cotton is a non GMO organic seed - one of the oldest recorded strains of cotton - it is purely a rain fed crop and does not require irrigation beyond natural rainfall. 

The cotton farmers have owned and worked their land for many generations. We are proud to be connected to this socially and ecologically regenerative farming practice and that cotton indigenous to India is a viable natural fibre for the Climate Crisis we are living in due to their ability to grow on very little water - withstanding very high temperatures.


Wearing handmade natural fibres is an environmentally friendly choice with positive social impact embedded into the fabric. Responsible clothing choices are everyday opportunities for us to participate in creating a more equitable world.

Pesticides are poison. They have been linked to long-term health problems - particularly lethal for vulnerable, developing country farmers - and to the decline of vital insect pollinators which are crucial to our way of life.

- ejfoundation.org


Made in partnership with the Peoli Women.