the hemp collection 

Cloth & Co’s 100% Hemp Collection launching for SS22/23 has a luxurious hand feel much like a fine quality linen. To amplify the eco-friendly qualities of the collection, the fabric is dyed with natural dyes using locally foraged plant materials and minerals by renowned master dyer Kishor Bhai in central India. Like linen, hemp moves easily with the body, is breathable and easy to wear across different seasons. Hemp wrinkles less and softens quickly with each wash and wear. 


All of the garments are individually tailored by partner stitching unit in New Delhi, providing employment opportunities for young women survivors of trafficking who had experienced sexual exploitation and abuse and are now getting dignified work under supportive conditions, skills acquisition and a viable career pathway that allows her to rise as she develops professionally; in this way Cloth & Co. is able to help set her on a positive life trajectory.


Hemp is a nutrient powerhouse ,not only for us but also for the soil in which it grows. When growing hemp, it returns about 70% of its required nutrients into the soil. Hemp can also be used for bioremediation, a process to restore soil from toxic pollution.Essentially, as a phytoremediator, hemp pulls the toxins out of the soil like a sponge. Farmers are starting to use hemp to restore their fields.

As well as being a biodegradable fibre, hemp’s production requires less than a third of the water needed for cotton and yields 220% more fibre. The plant is naturally organic as it is pest resistant and grows without the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides. Hemp is a carbon-negative crop.This plant breathes in four times more carbon dioxide than trees, it even absorbs CO2 while it grows! This incredible plant sequesters carbon dioxide through the soil and can remove 10 tonnes of carbon from the air. 


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