Our beautiful, luxurious handmade scarves are women by master artisans from GC Handmade in Nepal, whom we have worked with since 2015.

Founded in 2013 by our partner Gabriella, GC Handmade was established in Siddhipur, outside Patan in Nepal. They celebrate the traditional practices of Nepal such as weaving and embroidering by hand. They employ local women to hand-spin, weave and sew unique handmade accessories, made from the best quality natural fabrics, such as throws, blankets and our range of Cloth & Co. scarves.

Built from a mainly female workforce, GC Handmade works to empower women, giving them dignified employment and a reliable source of income. They work closely with the Newar community, a historically advanced community of the Kathmandu Valley, who are primarily agriculturists and faced with widespread unemployment. Thanks to the close proximity of GC Handmade’s weaving unit, local women have been able to find positions as artisans and are trained by highly experienced master weavers.

As well as focussing on empowering their artisans and providing fair employment, GC Handmade have a self-sufficient, sustainable focus. They are an entirely privately funded company and use solar panels to generate hot water and electricity. Plus, to combat the lack of a public drainage system in Siddhipur, they have installed a waste filtration system as well.

"The result of love for the handmade cashmere tradition. Women spin the delicate cashmere, weavers craft it into something of timeless beauty, dyers add a personal touch for you to enjoy"

- GC Handmade


At Cloth & Co. we believe in celebrating the indigenous textile traditions and the essence of local craftsmanship from artisan communities around the world.

Cloth & Co. partners with artisan communities with the aim to create sustainable outcomes; with a specific focus on empowering women and marginalised communities with little access to alternative sources of income.

Our range of linen scarves are hand loomed, dyed, cut and combed by hand to create the soft fringing around the edge. Each one has been made from sustainable, 100% organic linen ensuring the best quality and feel against your skin.


Made in partnership with GC Handmade.