SUPPORTING ARTISANS HAS A profound impact on balancing gender inequality, uplifting local economies, and preserving cultural heritage and sustainability.

Artisan crafts carry a generational element, connecting a particular craft to cultural heritage and lineage. These traditions are woven into the fabric of communities, serving as a source of cohesion, pride, and meaning. They offer an alternative to the common rural migration to crowded and polluted urban centers, where wages are often low.

An artisan trade is not merely a mechanical process; it represents an intimate understanding of materials, creativity, and a deep-rooted sense of place. Hand looms, for instance, embody the essence of shared history and a profound connection to the past. They remind us of the importance of craftsmanship and its ability to transcend time.

By choosing brands that prioritise small batches, fair wages, and one-of-a-kind products, we can begin to change our consumption patterns. This shift allows us to forge more meaningful relationships with the objects in our lives, reducing our environmental impact and embracing conscious consumption.

In choosing to support artisans, we become agents of change. We contribute to gender equality, economic empowerment, cultural preservation, and sustainable practices. Together, we can create a world where the beauty of craftsmanship and the stories behind each creation are cherished and celebrated.


Our jersey garments are produced in small, family-run factories selected based on their specific capabilities. Our single jersey and cotton rib collections are produced in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. The production facility was founded on the principles of ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes where they started working with certified organic cotton back in 2009, and today 80% of their cotton production is organic, Cloth & Co. only uses organic for our jersey collections. The yarn is sourced from local Spinning Mills, which are powered by renewable energy and the factory is reusing up to 95% of the wastewater in the dyeing unit.

The production facility is located in the rural area on the outskirts of the city of Tirupur where many workers live locally and can travel comfortably on foot or bicycle and the company is contributing to the community economy.

We started working with the team due to our aligned values and focus on the overall welfare of their workers. They invest in social programs for the employees, such as financing medical insurance, they're paying living wages to their workers which are higher than the minimum wages of the Industrial benchmark described by Indian Labour. This allows them to cover all their living expenses.

65% of the workforce are female and provided with specific support with welfare and healthcare for them and their children.


The Chanderi collection is produced by a community of artisans in Varanasi who specialise in a unique weaving technique that has been passed down through generations. The investment in hand-loomed fabrics provides continuous opportunities for employment in the sector – ensuring the craft is preserved and the communities that practice it thrive. Artisanal craftsmanship and heritage is woven into the very fabric of these pieces.