"Undressed has blossomed into an event styling and catering business – 
a way to combine my
two great loves: the way food looks, and the way it tastes."

"Surround yourself with good people - those who constantly lift you higher, free from comparison and competition."

As fellow women in business with shared passion to preserve the earth by living mindfully, we are delighted to introduce you to Zoe from Undressed Tablescapes. Zoe has an incredibly beautiful eye for detail and creating a feeling of connection through her love for food and styling. We loved learning more about Zoe and seeing her effortless style in her favourite Cloth & Co. pieces. Take a moment and enjoy our chat with Zoe below. 


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The Light Terry Pants | Natural


Try her mango coconut & chia pudding

This refreshing summer pudding works just as well for breakfast as it does desert.
Either way, it's best enjoyed in bed, draped in your Favourite Cloth & Co set.
Make sure to use the ripest mangoes (Kensington Pride is my favourite variety) as they are at the peak of their season come Christmas. 

2 ripe mangoes 
1 cup vanilla bean COYO 
1 cup coconut milk 
1.5-2tbsp maple syrup 
1 tsp turmeric ( optional) 
1 / 2 cup white chia seeds 

Mango slices, vanilla bean COYO and toasted coconut flakes, to serve. 

Remove mango flesh from the stone and place in a blender with COYO, coconut milk,  maple syrup and turmeric
Blitz to combine 
Pour mango mixture into a large glass jar and stir in chia seeds 
Leave overnight in the fridge, or at least 4 hours, to thicken
Serve in small bowls topped with fresh mango slices, extra COYO, and toasted coconut flakes