Hand Loomed Denim: By Fabric

Our locally grown cotton hand loomed denim has been created by village artisans in northern. India giving it a softness that is unique to hand-woven fabrics. Our denim collection is the epitome of luxury, as time passes, the fabric takes the shape

of the body and becomes like a second skin. Our handmade denim is a labor of love - a symbol of the connection between the weaver, the wearer, and the land. Our denim weavers are based in a village community 5 hours outside New Delhi and have skills that have been handed down through generations.

Our denim is available in natural cotton and where dyed we use only natural, vegetable and mineral dyes.


Where exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and positive impact converge. We prioritise quality over quantity, curating foundational wardrobe pieces with care. Our design philosophy centres on crafting timeless pieces from the worlds most beautiful sustainable natural fibres. We put people, planet and prosperity at the core of everything we do, minimising our impact and creating positive change.