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MEET Courtney skippon 

In this edition, we were lucky enough to sit down with the beautiful Courtney Skippon, a talented creator and the innovator behind Palate Vacation, a captivating lifestyle project that invites individuals to savour the beauty of their surroundings. Drawing inspiration from travel, fashion, design, and lifestyle, Courtney's work transcends conventional boundaries, weaving a poetic narrative through the enchanting lens of food. Courtney's work is more than a visual escape; it's a heartfelt ode to the art of eating and a love letter to the natural world.

Imbued with a strong sense of story, Courtney's writing and imagery serve as a reminder to slow down, elevate the essentials, and uncover the beauty in every daily act. Beyond recipes, she champions the significance of good judgment and taste, making all of her creative pieces a celebration of the sensory experience and an invitation to revel in the beauty that surrounds us every day.

Tell us about your journey to becoming such a successful content creator and what brought you to start Palate Vacation? 

I suppose I just have an eye for identifying the beauty in the seemingly mundane in a way that seems to compel people. It nudges at nostalgia and captures all the B-roll bits that make up a memory. Meals are heavily influenced by time and place: by who you’re with and how you spend the day. So, I remember moments in meals – I think a lot of people do. The hope is for my videos to serve as a reminder to slow down, elevate the essentials, and find the beauty in every daily act – if only for the duration of a meal.

My style of cooking content actually started while living on a renovation site in Kangaroo Valley with my partner (a builder) and the owners of the home (complete strangers to me). There were moments of cooking outdoors and in kitchens without sinks and trodding through the rain with bare feet and a dutch oven. Cooking has always been a solitary comfort to me, but it has also become one of my greatest points of connectivity to others. It helped me feel at home when I wasn’t and gave me purpose in moments when I felt out of place. Sharing that came naturally. 


My environment – and good lighting.


An oversized shirt, an easy matching set, soft cotton pieces, the perfect pair of jeans (a perpetual quest), good jewellery, a quality bag that either fits a little or a lot, shoes you can walk anywhere in. Anything that doesn’t pull and tug and lets me move seamlessly about my day. Bonus points for transitional pieces that look good both on and off the beach.



I don’t think I’m heavily influenced by any one person’s style, but rather, their sense of personal style. That can’t be replicated, it comes through experimentation and with time and age. Good style, for me, is more about how you feel – people pick up on that. I think quality, composition and tailoring matter more than trends, too. This is wrung completely dry, but I do think French women have great style. It’s polished and effortless, but also whimsical and personal. It’s about good quality things that you’re going to wear forever.

How would you describe the community that you have created through your work?

It’s been a real privilege to be able to attract so many like-minded people who resonate with and champion my work (and vice-versa). Authenticity and effort often does that with time, but not always, so I feel very lucky. My audience is largely female, and my connections with women both personally and professionally through my social media have been so resoundingly positive – even more-so recently as I increasingly work with female-owned businesses.

What is one thing that you wish people knew about living a slower lifestyle that you don’t think is talked about enough?

I don’t know if I actually live that slowly – and in direct contrast to that: lately, I almost always feel like I’m in a rush. However, I do try to be as intentional as I can. I think that’s the crux of the concept: conscious, deliberate acts take time. It’s about noticing: what’s around you, but also who – and taking the time to really appreciate and revel in them both.

How important is provenance and sustainability when it comes to sourcing ingredients for Palate Vacation?

I subscribe to a less, but better mentality with almost everything. I’m conscious of quality and shop seasonally and locally when I can – this is not only more sustainable, but it lasts longer (I hate food waste), tastes better (see: no food waste), lends to greater enjoyment, and is often cheaper, too. I think the real snag is finding the time to shop and cook this way, especially if you’re not someone who inherently takes joy in it like I do. I’m mindful that not everyone has the capacity to live this way (this includes me sometimes, too), but I do think everyone should understand the basics of cooking and eating well with simple ingredients – there’s a huge amount of freedom in having that ability. 


As another Northern Beaches local, what would your ultimate guide to our area be? 

Wake up for a morning walk on the sand and sunrise (you’ll never regret it) at Classic Coffee. Pastries at Graze n Cakes. Get in the ocean no matter the time of year, walk everywhere if you can. If you’re in the mood to swoon, drop by Peggy Concept Store and Composition Studio – leave with a full heart and an empty wallet. Pop into Le Petit Marché and prepare a beach picnic or Randy’s for natural wine and oysters – then Bistro Boulevard for steak frites. 

Our community loves pavlova and we noticed that you do to! What are your favourite toppings to give us a little bit of inspiration for Summer soirees? 

I love tart and salty flavours – so I always start with a mascarpone whipped cream and some flaky sea salt, then passionfruit pulp or curd and a tangy, sour berry or stone fruit on top – anything that cuts the sweetness. I like adding toasted nuts too.


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