single toe band sandal
single toe band sandal
single toe band sandal

Single Toe Band Sandal

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Beautiful handcrafted shoes - a collaboration between Cloth & Co. and Capri Positano Sandals to preserve and appreciate the incredible skills of the Italian shoe makers.

100 % Calf Leather

Hand Made in Italy

Our hand made leather and suede sandals are crafted using the highest quality, ‘artigianale’ techniques by a renowned local shoe maker, considered one of the Amalfi Coast area’s very best.
 We proudly offer the ‘original’ Positano style sandal and are one of the few people left who offer a ‘true’ hand made sandal today, practicing the original and traditional techniques of the local expert craftsman. Our artisans create each sandal entirely by hand, beginning with the sole and working upwards. There is no factory involved and no items pre purchased. We create each and every piece within a small family team who have been creating sandals for over 60 years. 


Capri Positano Handcrafted Sandals