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Cloth & Co. have partnered with the Peoli women who do hand knits based in Almora located at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalayan Range in Uttarakhand, North India. We have developed this partnership as our guiding principles are so aligned with Peoli’s which are based on a conscious effort towards conservation of natural resources and leaving a light carbon footprint in the process.

Our socks are hand knitted from Indigenous Cotton and naturally dyed using Walnut shells.

Sadly, the wonderful women artisans in Almora have been hit with a second wave of COVID-19. With meagre savings and limited information and access to healthcare, it breaks our heart to see women artisans of the region struggle now to bring in money and put food onto their families' plates. 

To help play our part, we will be donating 10% of all knit sales back to the wonderful Peoli women, to provide them with necessary medical supplies and reduce wage loss incurred during this time. 

One size fits all

Hand knitted indigenous cotton 

For every purchase we plant one tree through our partnership with Ecologi

Designed in Australia, made with love in India

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Primarily working on a decentralised model, Peoli engages about sixty women artisans who are looking for opportunities to support their families economically by a means that lets them work from their homes.

Attending every detail of the production from raw materials to spinning, natural dyeing, weaving and knitting, the community of Peoli artisans make their work life as part of the Uttarakhand landscape.


Every aspect of our knits is done by hand. From the hand picked cotton that is then spun by hand, right through to the hand stitching.

Hands are used wherever possible to utilise the unlimited human energy and reduce our dependence upon machines and non-renewable sources of energy. Earth- friendly chemicals and materials are used for the processing of textile materials. 


Our hand knits have been produced using hand spun Kala cotton from Gujarat. 

Kala cotton is indigenous to Kachchh and by default organic, as the farmers do not use any pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. It is a purely rain fed crop that has a high tolerance for both disease and pests, and requires minimal investment. It is both resilient and resurgent in the face of stressful land conditions.